How Is Cashmere Done And Sustainable??

The same goes for Angora goats, which are used for mohair, and Pashmina goats, which are used for Pashmina wool. Even if they don’t die from the cold, goats are forced to endure painful claws and then suffer slow, dying deaths when they are no longer considered profitable. As we know, cashmere is considered a rare and precious fiber worldwide.

According to the regulations, wool must come from a cashmere goat and the fibers must not exceed 19 microns. Our human hair measures about 75 microns, for example the dog’s hair can be up to 200 microns. The background is that goat farming or cashmere wool extraction is very expensive. cashmere vs wool To make a single cashmere sweater, fine huts of up to three cashmere goats are required. Because animals lose their coat only once a year, but need to be cared for every other month, performance is low. Once removed from a goat, the fibers are cleaned and processed.

Three times more insulating than sheep wool, a cashmere sweater will keep you warm in colder weather. In addition, cashmere has thermoregulating properties, which means that the body temperature remains unchanged in all weather conditions when used. If a fiber is to legally qualify as cashmere, it must have a diameter of 19 microns or less; for comparison: human hair is micron. Cashmere is one of the softest and tastiest feel materials available, and there is nothing itchy about normal sheep wool. PETA has released a statement that when goats comb their hair in cold weather, they can get too cold and even die.

Although the country of origin is not always an indication of quality, it can be an important factor if other indications are taken into account. China’s mass-produced garments can vary greatly in quality, even if they are made from well-produced cashmere wool. However, as the largest producer of raw cashmere, Chinese manufacturers have the option of obtaining some of the best cashmere wool at more affordable prices than manufacturers in other parts of the world. It is best to buy from trusted retailers who get their materials ethically and with an eye for quality.

Due to its high set number, it is also excellent for controlling body temperature, especially when used against the skin. Fluid is bad away from the body; the user is warm without being too hot. In addition, merino contains lanolin with its useful antibacterial properties. For all these reasons, merino wool is often used for high-quality outerwear.

While there are many unethical textile manufacturers in China, there are also many ethical producers of Chinese cashmere. In most cases, cashmere is obtained by shaving the soft jackets of cashmere goats — A process that is often carried out in winter, causing many goats to freeze to death shortly afterwards, according to PETA. The animal organization reports that workers often use sharp metal combs to shear goats, and they often hold goats or tie their legs together to keep them still during the cruel process.

For example, PETA believes that cashmere wool production is aligned with genocide, but other voices have a more moderate approach. While it is true that there are many bad players in the cashmere wool industry, there are so many ethical producers. The rest, about 180, including newborns, went to the Ternaux site in Saint-Ouen, on the outskirts of Paris. The Ternaux package in St. Ouen was still 150 when the famous industrialist died in 1833.