Bernina Express Tour From Milan 2022

The Bernina Express train has mainly panoramic carriages, more personal space and a better overall atmosphere. There are also several regular train cars that do not require a reservation. The Bernina Express is a direct train, while you have to change trains and transfer your luggage to a regional train. The Bernina Express train route takes you through incredible alpine landscapes and a UNESCO World Heritage Site is so incredible. Think of all the clichés about the beauty of scenic train journeys and multiply them by 1000.

If you’re considering a Swiss train trip, be sure to include this trip, for other ideas, check out Janet’s post: A great train trip through Switzerland or my pick of 23 scenic train trips in Europe to add to your bucket list. Anyone looking for a scenic train ride for a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience in 2022 need look no further than Europe, where the spectacularly scenic Bernina Express awaits you. Do tickets for regional trains also need to be purchased in advance or can you buy them when you are in Moritz and ready to return? Therefore, the train makes several stops along the way, such as the highest point Ospizio Bernina or the picturesque and isolated Alp Grüm, because it picks up people using the normal regional train. You can also get out, but you lose your seat (and essentially your money).

From train informationZürichYou can take the Intercity directly to Chur, as well as direct regional trains. MilanYou can take a direct regional train to Tirano, which are operated by Trenord and covered by the Eurail Pass.AustriaFrom Vienna or Salzburg you can take a train to Sargans. Transfer here and you’ll arrive in Chur in just 30 minutes. France/GermanyFrom Paris, Munich or Cologne, take the train to Karlsruhe or Zurich. It’s my favorite hotel booking site and I usually prefer to book my hotels here in one place.

However, I thoroughly enjoyed this trip and will definitely take the same route again in the future. In this post, I will try to explain how to use the Bernina Express, how to book tickets and give you an idea of what it’s like to ride it. However, if you’re a more budget-conscious traveler, you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket, as there are still plenty of other cost-saving options and tricks! As I said before, boarding in first class is a luxury but not a must, the views are the same anyway. You can also plan your reservation during the low season, where the reservation fee is lower, and combine it with other Swiss travel passes. Normal 1st and 2nd class tickets do not have numbered seats, only panoramic carriages have that.

If you have any questions about how to do the Bernina Express as a day trip from Milan, please contact us by leaving a comment below! If you follow the steps I describe in this post, you can do the Bernina Express from Milan in one day. It just takes a little coordination Trenino rosso del bernina on your part, but that’s what this post is for! I think it’s worth the time, and I’ve even included the Bernina Express in my list of the best day trips from Milan. I highly recommend that you be very clear about where you are sitting when booking your seats.

This is quite short, everything taken into consideration, and can certainly be done one day. If you are going to Tirano from Milan, I recommend staying in a hotel near Milan train station. We stayed at the Glam Hotel when we were in Milan and this provided easy access to the train station for our ongoing journey.