How To Choose The Best Eyeliner For Your Daily Routine

Now they come in mechanical style: a plastic cylinder with a retractable pencil, so you have more control and don’t waste precious products. There are thick pencils, thin pencils, durable pencils and flawless pencils.

Because you use a brush to apply coating gel, you can make thick or thin lines and you can even use the brush to stain the line slightly before the coating dries in place. It can be used at the end to make a small film, although for the perfect wing a liquid lining is more demanding. The gel eye liner can also be used to tighten the line, but make sure that the brushes remain clean to prevent harmful bacteria from being transferred to this delicate area. This eyeliner pencil is one of the best quality formulas on the market. This waterproof lining is the perfect blend of a soft formula, long-lasting pigmentation without peeling or coloring all day long. This pencil eyeliner comes with a sponge applicator at the end, so you have the option to stain it.

While it doesn’t have a color tool like some kohl pencils do, it is mixed and colored on the lash line and on a soft wing when using a fluffy little eyeliner brush. Perhaps the simplest eye linings you can use are best for a more subtle look and may be best for those new eye linings. In terms of consistency, this type of lining represents a cross between dry and creamy formulas, making the application very simple. These are retractable versions of the pencil eye lining, making them easy and slower to break, but also more difficult to sharpen. While many pencil liners are designed to be waterproof, they are usually less durable than liquid eye linings.

The creamy and waterproof formula is full of pigment, so even when applied with the lightest accents, this pencil offers a good amount of color. However, with endurance during the day (it’s designed to stay 14 hours) there’s no need for charging, so taking off a pencil sharpener every now and then is one point we can miss. We like to combine this with the best mask for sensitive eyes to have less chance of irritation. This Lakmé eyeliner has a waterproof formula, so it stays on your eyelids longer. It has an intense intense color and comes with an elegant and smooth brush that slides easily and evenly over your eyes to accentuate your appearance.

We found that the color was incredibly rich and applied gently to the blankets without coloring or fading. Due to the unique design of the rotating gel, there is a slight learning curve when applying the product, but once you have mastered it, you get unbeatable results. When it comes to makeup, there is nothing better than Pat McGrath’s. We are obsessed with this coating which is available in 6 different shades.

It comes with an applicator brush that helps the gel slide smoothly over the skin for a clean and accurate line. Loads are supplied in a small pot, which lasts permanent eyeliner much longer than liquid linings if you take care of it. You can achieve any desired eyeliner look by choosing a right size corner brush for the application.

It comes with a pin point, making it super easy to apply. This eyeliner contains vitamin E and almond oil, which nourish the skin around the eyes, while camphor has a refreshing effect. The bristles on this brush are sturdy and you don’t have to worry about them falling easily. You can even combine this product with your eyeshadow to create super smoky eyes.

Liquid formulas are the target of real cat eyes thanks to the intense color reward they offer. The professional tip we love is to place a piece of tape in the outer corner of the eye before applying the liquid coating. Not long ago, eyeliner pencils looked like the colored pencils you drew with as a child. They were made of wood and there were not many options in the texture of the pencil and how it created a line along the whip. You had to sharpen them at school as colored pencils to keep the tip sharp. You can still find old school pencils if you like them, but eye pencils have generally come a long way.